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Why participate ?

Participation in the Owens Corning Composite App Challenge can be extremely interesting and rewarding - you could win an award, learn about composites and how they can address some of today's pressing issues, and have some fun.

A Chance to Win

Owens Corning will present a $200,000 development award for a composite solution that can be introduced in 2012 and four cash awards for other ideas. One $20,000 cash award is for anyone and three $10,000 awards are reserved for university students.

A Chance to Learn

One important aspect of the challenge is the opportunity to learn and those who get engaged in the process are likely to learn the most. Just reading about the four entry categories is a start in the learning process that will continue as you think about new ways the composite materials can be helpful. The weekly contests are also designed to stimulate learning and test understanding.

A Chance to Make the World a Better Place

Entries are invited in four categories addressing some of society's pressing issues:

Infrastructure Durability

Long-lasting infrastructure is critical to clean drinking water and preventing bridges, streets and buildings from crumbling and having to be replaced. Composites are corrosion resistant and can help build a more durable and sustainable future.

Fuel Efficiency

Cars, trucks, trains, planes and ships need less fuel when they're lighter. Composites can play a key role in reducing weight and improving energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy

The world desperately needs a diversified portfolio of renewable energy resources to protect our planet and ensure future supplies. Wind energy is not practical without composites and they can enable many other renewable energy technologies as well.

Protection from Harm

Around the world, soldiers are putting their lives at risk in combat scenarios that demand protection from more lethal ammunition. Composite materials have proven their ability to provide a light-weight shield in the line of fire.

A Chance to Have Fun

We want participants to have fun and enjoy the process. Think about how composite materials can address the issues outlined in the four categories and submit your idea or application today.